Brain Injury Accidents: How an Attorney Can Help You Seek Compensation

Suffering a brain injury in an accident someone else caused can be a life-altering experience, not only for the victim but also for their loved ones. Brain injury accidents cause overwhelming physical, emotional, and financial consequences. You need a lawyer to recover compensation from the at-fault party. 

This is where you need the skills and experience of a brain injury attorney. If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury due to another party’s negligence or intentional misconduct, contact an experienced brain injury attorney in McLean near you for a free case evaluation. They can inform you of your rights and options to pursue compensation and help you get the full and fair financial recovery you deserve.

Understanding Brain Injury Accidents

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Brain injuries can occur due to various types of accidents, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Sports-related accidents
  • Assault or violence
  • Medical malpractice

The severity of a brain injury can range from mild concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Serious brain injuries may result in permanent cognitive, physical, and behavioral impairments.

Regardless of the severity, seek medical attention immediately after an accident to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

The Role of a Brain Injury Attorney

A brain injury attorney has extensive legal knowledge and experience handling brain injury accident cases. They can guide you through the legal process and advocate strongly for you to improve your chances of getting favorable results.

Here’s how an attorney can help:

  • Investigating the Accident: An attorney will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine liability and gather evidence to support your claim. This may involve reviewing police reports, medical records, and witness statements, as well as consulting with experts in fields, such as accident reconstruction experts and neurologists.
  • Assessing Damages: A brain injury can lead to substantial financial losses, including medical expenses, lost income, and future care costs. An attorney will work with medical professionals and financial experts to assess the full extent of your damages and determine the appropriate amount of compensation to seek.
  • Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Insurance companies often attempt to settle brain injury claims for less than their true value. An experienced attorney will handle all communications with the insurance company and negotiate on your behalf to obtain a fair settlement.
  • Representing You in Court: If the insurance company or other party won’t negotiate a fair settlement, your attorney can file a lawsuit for you and represent you in court. An astute brain injury attorney will prepare your case from the start as if it were going to trial. This way, they show the insurance company they mean business and are ready to present a compelling case in court to help you receive the maximum amount allowed under the law.

Compensation in Brain Injury Cases

The compensation you may be entitled to in a brain injury case will depend on the specific circumstances of your accident and the severity of your injuries.

However, common types of damages sought in these cases include:

  • Medical Bills and Expenses: Compensation for all medical costs related to your brain injury, including emergency care, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and ongoing treatment.
  • Lost Income and Work Benefits: Reimbursement for income lost due to time away from work as a result of your injury, as well as compensation for any future loss of earning capacity.
  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for the physical pain, emotional distress, and mental anguish resulting from the brain injury.
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life: Compensation for the ways in which your brain injury has diminished your ability to enjoy life, engage in hobbies, and maintain relationships.

You may receive other types of compensation as well, and an attorney can fully assess your claim and calculate the amounts of compensation you should pursue. In cases involving gross negligence or intentional misconduct, the court may award punitive damages to punish the responsible party and deter future similar behavior.

You Must Act Quickly on Your Brain Injury Claim

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Consult a brain injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident. You must meet legal deadlines, known as statutes of limitations, which limit the time you have to file a brain injury lawsuit in civil court.

For instance, Virginia allows you only two years from the date of your injury to file suit. If you don’t have an attorney file a lawsuit for you within your state’s statute of limitations, you will lose your right to pursue compensation.

Moreover, evidence can become more difficult to obtain as time passes, and witnesses’ memories may fade. By engaging an attorney early on, you can protect your rights to seek compensation and help ensure you gather the necessary evidence to build a solid claim.

Choosing the Right Brain Injury Attorney

When selecting a brain injury attorney to represent you:

  • Look for an attorney who has extensive experience handling brain injury cases. Ask for documented results they’ve had with similar cases, and try to gauge their level of knowledge and confidence.
  • Ensure that the attorney has access to the necessary resources, such as medical experts and accident reconstruction specialists, to build a strong case on your behalf.
  • You need an attorney who will respond to you promptly and keep you updated throughout the process. You also want a lawyer who takes the time to address your questions and concerns and seems to have a genuine interest in your case.
  • As you contend with the impact of your brain injury, you will likely experience a range of emotions. Choose an attorney who is compassionate and empathetic, who can guide you through the process and alleviate your stress and burden.

Contact an Experienced Brain Injury Lawyer for Help Getting Compensation

Amy Griggs, McLean Brain Injury Lawyer

Suffering a brain injury in an accident can change your life in many ways. Although you may be scared and uncertain of your future, know that you don’t have to navigate the process of getting the compensation you need alone.

An experienced brain injury attorney at Tysons Trial Law, PLLC can help. You can focus on your recovery while we fight for the compensation you deserve. The sooner you seek legal representation, the better your chances of achieving a successful outcome in your case. Contact us today for your free consultation and learn how we can help you and your family through this difficult time.

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